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Waited for a time!

Qualitative inquiry is the turning point of my life. I have been getting lots of questions both wings that are qualitative and qualitative. I spent such a long time to read, contemplate and reflect about them. There are three main paradigms in the safe bag of researchers. These are qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodology.

Learning of them has been still continuing… but I am very exited to announce that I think that the time for me to arrive at my airport o to write and lunch my reflections in my page. These three umbrellas or spaces are the guards for us to define where we are, why we are claiming and how we are presenting what we find.

I had a chance to meet with many great minds and many great scholars from the qualitative inquiry. I knew at the beginning of my bachelor degree. I want to taste the meanings of grapes, not count them. I want to smell of the wheats and beans with their history, not measure them. I like both sense of knowing but I am always keen on living, smelling, explaining, expressing, participating, constructing, challenging and interpreting the beings and becomings their own conviviality and trust. I hope that you are going to have a chance to anticipate and understand who I am and why I am in the qualitative inquiry.


Zulfukar Ozdogan

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